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Are Your Promotions & Permits Impacted by COVID-19?

In recent weeks SAM have helped customers rearrange their promotional goal posts due to the impact of COVID 19 on their markets. If your company has a current or pending game of chance promotion that is interrupted or affected by COVID 19, the following information may be of value.

Here are some points to consider...

Permits are legally binding, so you can't change the structure of a promotion without approval from the relevant state lottery and gaming departments.

Formal applications must be lodged detailing the reasons for changing elements of a promotion. Revised terms and conditions with the proposed amendments clearly highlighted need to be submitted for approval.

Some Prizes cannot be awarded due to travel restrictions or other factors. However, a Promoter may be able offer an alternative prize(s) of equal value.

Do not communicate or advertise that a promotion is changing until formal approval has been granted by those states where applications were originally made.

If a promotion is running solely in a state that doesn’t require a permit ( e.g. TAS,QLD,WA,VIC): Promoters must ensure that the structure of promotion changes, consumers are not disadvantaged or misled in any way.

National promotions are governed by a single set of Terms and Conditions so if they are amended they must be updated to remain identical in every state/territory.

And Don’t forget - Sales Promotion is a key weapon in the marketer’s arsenal during an economic downturn. You can use promotions to make your brand stand out, add value and build customer loyalty. Promotions can also work to maintain and grow market share.

State Lottery Departments are accepting amendments to current promotions and pending permit applications as a result of COVID 19 on case by case scenario. If you have any other questions relating to a planned or current promotion, or if need advice on how to manage potential outcomes, feel free to get in touch.

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