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Ready Reckoners - Persuasion at the Point of Sale

Ready Reckoners (or chooser charts) serve as silent salesmen at the point of sale empowering shoppers to make educated purchasing decisions based on...

• Product Features
• Product Benefits
• Quality
• Pricing
• Promotional Offers & Added Value
• Warranties
• Technical Data

An engaging and easy to follow ready reckoner can also benefit brand marketers and retailers by...

• Engaging shoppers
• Establishing trust
• Up selling a consumers to a premium product
• Building product awareness
• Building brand loyalty

SAM develop customised Ready Reckoners for a broad range applications including: point of sale promotion, trade marketing, direct mail and web.

If you need advice on how to design and produce an effective ready reckoner please feel free to get in touch with SAM.

Contact: Peter McKinnon (03) 9 646 5644    Email:

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