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5 Dope-amine ways to motivate shoppers to buy

Dopamine is a chemical that is released in the brain in anticipation of a reward. Psychologists call it the ‘pleasure neurotransmitter’. Smart marketers can activate dopamine in shoppers’ minds to stimulate spending - both online and in-store. 

Here are 5 Sales Promotion tactics to drive up dopamine levels and motivate shoppers to transact:

  1. OFFER A CHANCE TO WIN For consumers, the chance to win a prize with a product purchase, especially an ‘on the spot’ prize, is hugely desirable. Promotions linked to digital games played on smart phones, or ‘scratch and win cards’ can dramatically increase dopamine levels and sales revenue.
  2. CREATE 'FOMO' The fear of missing out on a limited offer can compel shoppers to ‘buy now.’ Therefore, a promotion should always prompt consumers to make a purchase or risk missing out. Promotions can be run for a limited time or expire after a specified number of sales are made. Always let the shopper know that time / stock is running out.
  3. TARGET IMPULSE Given that Dopamine builds anticipation - impulsive behaviour can quickly follow. For example, a consumer might see an advert promoting a specific offer. Then when visiting a store (whether it be a physical or online store) that same product is prominently displayed with the accompanying promotional offer. The combined effect of the advert and in-store theming work hand-in-hand to encourage the shopper to make an impulse purchase (without researching the competition or shopping elsewhere).
  4. REWARD THE V.I.P It’s human nature to enjoy a reward. So, repeat customers who are presented with exclusive offers will often take advantage of their reward and remain loyal to a brand.
  5. ENCOURAGE REPEAT HITS It makes sense to communicate ongoing promotional offers and reward programs to a customer database. Create a promotional program to activate the dopamine levels and drive sales.

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