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Information Required for Australian Trade Lottery Permit Applications

If your company needs assistance with applying for permits for Trade Promotions, SAM Sales and Marketing can assist. We have extensive experience in managing Australian promotions and Trade Lottery Permit Applications is a service that we offer to brand marketers and specialist agencies to ensure that their promotions comply with state lottery regulations. 

To assist a Promoter to draft Terms and Conditions and apply for permits on behalf of their company or organisation, here’s a summary of the information we require as a starting point:

  • Promotion start and close date – dates must be set in stone and can’t change once a promotion commences.
  • Promoters name, address and A.B.N (Australian Business Number). Unless you have an A.B.N, you can’t apply for Permits in states that mandate Permits / Trade Promotion Licenses.
  • Promoters authorised contact person - name, email and phone contact details
  • Detailed information and ‘How to Enter.’
  • Information regarding eligibility to enter e.g. Residents of Australia over 18 years of age.
  • Prize pool -  including prize  pool break downs and individual prizevalues (prize details must be very specific).
  • Prize valuation for automotive prizes that require registration (includes cars, motor bikes, scooters boats and other self-propelled machinery)
  • Prize draw location, date and time (SAM can conduct Prize draws at our office if required and arrange an independent scrutineer where required).
  • How the winner/s will be determined including draw method.
  • Electronic draw system approval / appraisal if required.
  • How the winner/s will be notified e.g. Phone, Email, SMS etc.
  • Where the winner/s name/s will be published e.g. website, social media etc.
  • Unclaimed prize draw date, time and location (generally 3 months after main draw for National Promotions).
  • A Letter of Authority authorising SAM to apply on your behalf.

Is the promotion running at national or state level? (some states in Australia require government approval and a license application to be lodged). Read more, or contact SAM for state specific information.

It’s worth noting that once a Trade Promotion Licence application is approved and a Permit / License is granted, the Promoter is legally bound to run the promotion in accordance with the advertised Terms and Conditions. 

So, if you’re planning a promotion, SAM are happy to advise and assist with the drafting of Terms and Conditions of Entry, permit applications and prize draws.

Please note: SAM do not consult on raffles or ‘pay to enter’ style promotions. And, due to state government specific policies and regulations, SAM cannot assist Promoters that plan to offer Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as prizes.

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