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Lottery Permit Guidelines for Online Promotions

If you are conducting a purely online sales promotion with no traditional form of advertising media used (eg. print, radio, TV, outdoor) Australian lottery requirements vary by state for Trade Promotions...

  • Permits are not required for Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia or Queensland.
  • Permits are required in New South Wales for all promotions.
  • A.C.T Gaming do not mandate permits unless a promotional website is hosted in the A.C.T.
  • Permits for Northern Territory are only required for promotions with a prize pool of $5,001 + and where no other State/Territory has issued a permit.
  • In South Australia, a permit is required when the prize pool is over $5,000. You need to allow 10 or more working days for the processing of a lodged application. You can obtain a permit in 7 working days if you elect to you pay extra for an Express application (SAM recommend that Promoter’s pay the premium to obtain permits promptly)
  • Announcement of winners can be done via the website.
  • Terms and condition must take into consideration all State requirements and are required for all Trade Promotions.
  • Artwork that will be used to advertise the promotion must be submitted with permit applications. All advertising material must contain permit numbers and abbreviated Terms and Conditions.

Electronic draws require an approved Electronic Drawing System

• A scrutineer maybe required – dependant upon the prize pool

• If an agent is applying for permits on your behalf they will require a Letter of Authority giving them permission.For more information on Australia’s fragmented and sometimes confusing lottery regulations please contact Peter McKinnon – or Telephone: (03) 9 646 5644.

Please note that preliminary advice is provided free of charge and SAM assist many well known Australian Promoters to navigate lottery regulation and to structure, plan and manage successful sales promotion campaigns.

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