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Marketing Communication Made Easy!

Speed to market is vital when it comes to promoting new product and services. Marketers need to rapidly re - coup investments in time and capital used to fund product development. Most importantly, they need to build and reinforce market share as quickly as possible and maintain on going customer dialogue. 

SAM Sales and Marketing have experience in a range of targeted marketing mediums. We apply marketing principles and practices on a case-by-case client scenario. Each customer is different, so what works for some, won’t work for others. 

SAM has expertise in the following areas of targeted marketing communication:

  • Sales Promotions - marketing using promotional tactics
  • Local area marketing - for retailers and local organizations
  • Direct Marketing to database customers - mail, email, SMS & MMS
  • Internet Marketing - websites, online applications & interactive technology
  • Social Media Marketing - using those channels relevant to specific industries
  • Point of Sale Marketing - design, production & distribution
  • Conference & special event marketing
  • Incentive Marketing Rewards Programs - trade & consumer levels

If you need a strategy or help in managing a marketing communication campaign please contact 

Peter McKinnon (03) 9 646 5644 –

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