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Point Of Sale ideas that Sell: The Shelf Wobbler

What is Point Of Sale (POS) marketing material?

Point of Sale marketing material includes a myriad of printed advertising display items that can help your product to stand out from the crowd.

Introducing the Shelf Wobbler

Today, one of the most easy-to-use, low cost, effective (and even hip!) POS marketing innovations is the 'Shelf Wobbler'.

POS Shelf Wobblers are tags that are stuck to shelves, or other surfaces, to stand out to grab customer attention. Also called shelf talkers or product talkers, these branded tags literally talk for themselves – they point customers to your product, giving you an edge over competitors that sit on the same shelf.

The Shelf Wobbler is a highly effective point of sale advertising piece that is commonly seen in all sorts of retailers including: supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, electronics, telecommunications, hard ware and white goods stores.

The Wobbler is one of the best Point of Sale pieces for influencing buyer behavior – on the spot!

Are shelf wobblers right for you?

Shelf Wobblers work best in crowded product categories, where there is a multitude of consumer choices for the same product. Such products include packaged food, homewares, toiletries, electronic and white goods, confectionary and cold drinks.

Examples where Shelf Wobblers have proven to be very effective are:

  • pharmacies and independent grocery stores
  • hardware and telecommunications stores
  • on fridges in cafes, convenience stores and service stations

Benefits of using Shelf Wobblers

Using Shelf Wobblers instead of other POS products (such as larger and more costly retail displays) has many advantages.

Wobblers (or Shelf Talkers or Product Talkers) are:

  • easy to design, with a virtually limitless range of shapes available
  • low cost to print and cost-effective distribute
  • small (they do not demand lots of floor space and are able to fit into tight spaces)
  • convenient, quick and simple to install (manufactured with double sided tape or cut to slot perfectly onto a shelf railing where prices are usually displayed)
  • so easy to use, they appeal to shop owners
  • a fantastic option when combined with other in-store promotional material like posters
  • super durable when printed on PVC or similar substrates

Different ways you can use shelf wobblers

In addition to drawing attention to your product, you can also use shelf Wobblers to:

a) Advertise a competition or special offer
A great way to increase brand awareness, Shelf Wobblers can detail and promote a competition, discount or value added offer.

b) Push product to sell faster
You may need to push sales if your product is nearing its expiration date, or if you need to make room for a new shipment of stock.

c) Interact with customers via QR codes
Wobblers are a great way to promote QR codes – they are small, easy to print on, and often conveniently placed at eye-level.

  • All customers need to do is take a photo of your QR code with their smartphone.
  • Your website or video will then load onto their screen.
  • You can provide something fun, useful, entertaining or educational for the user to view, and increase your conversion rate at the same time.

For this reason, shelf wobblers are also a fantastic way to target tech-savvy customers!

SAM have been designing and printing Wobblers and Product Talkers for clients since 1981. Some of our designs have even been imitated which is a testimony to their effectiveness!

If you'd like to see how Wobblers (or any other Point Of Sale material) can help you increase product sales, please contact Peter McKinnon – (03) 9646 5644 or email

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