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QR Codes - Engaging & Educating for Sales

More than ever before, savvy shoppers are making calculated and informed purchasing decisions based on research and brand trust. 

As a result, smart marketers are using QR codes for sales promotion by linking consumers through to engaging digital content that works to build rapport and close the sales loop.

QR codes and related content add significant value and impact to Point of Sale marketing material. And when integrated into packaging or displayed on products, QR codes can alleviate the expense of adjunct Point of Sale material altogether.

Here are 5 important FACTS regarding QR codes and content:

  1. Consumers are CURIOUS to see what’s on offer behind a QR code.
  2. Consumers APPRECIATE short educational or demonstration videos.
  3. Consumers will ENGAGE for a ‘chance to win’ via interactive games and microsite entry pages.
  4. Consumer data can be collected when QR codes link to online entry forms or surveys; and used for future marketing and promotional programs.
  5. Consumer TRUST is built, or consumers are INCENTIVISED by relevant content - leading to SALES PROMOTION.

QR codes are an important marketing tool that can lead consumers to engaging and informative digital content that can close the sales loop at the point of sale.

Setting up a promotional campaign or program utilising QR codes and digital content isn’t overly time-consuming or expensive. Think about the content you may already have at hand, or the material you need and feel free to reach out to discuss how SAM can make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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