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Safe guard your marketing budget with a pilot marketing campaign

A marketing budget is a discretionary spend. Small business and multi – nationals work hard to allocate revenue for marketing. It is the duty of the advertising, sales promotion and marketing services supplier to provide their client with a return on investment. Blow the budget and your client’s job could be in jeopardy!

Therefore, marketers and agencies must safeguard valuable marketing dollars via the execution of pilot marketing programs to devise a winning strategy. Measure twice and cut once. Don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure that your pilot marketing campaign hits the mark before plunging head long into a major rollout. Marketing budgets are building blocks for sales growth.

There are 10 simple steps that form the underlying basis of a pilot marketing program:

  1. Research the market
  2. Design a pilot
  3. Test the market
  4. Measure the campaign
  5. Evaluate the findings
  6. Tailor your campaign
  7. Align the elements in the marketing mix
  8. Brief the sales team
  9. Brief the trade
  10. Activate the campaign and stay responsive for a real return on investment

To find out how SAM Sales and Marketing can test your market with a creative, yet cost effective advertising and promotion marketing campaign please contact Peter McKinnon on 03 9 646 5644 or email

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