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The Power of Point Of Purchase (POP) Marketing

The Point of Purchase (POP) is the key point where elements of the sale combine: the consumer, the product or service and most importantly - the transaction. By using various POP communication mediums including displays, sales promotion, in-store advertising, packaging and salespeople at POP level, marketers and retailers can influence consumer buying decisions.

Effective implementation of Point of Purchase marketing techniques and programs can be applied to a broad range of product categories to promote and sell both small and big-ticket items. 

Point of Purchase marketing is of significance to marketers and retailers for 3 key reasons.

1.      Enhancement of Advertising Campaigns
POP programs cannot substitute for broad reaching media advertising. However, they can reinforce and remind consumers about the advertising messages they have seen before entering a store. Linking in store POP with external campaign media can close the loop at the point of sale by engaging and influencing target audiences to purchase.

2.      Enduring & Affordable 
POP advertising material can endure for a month or more in store. When compared to other forms of media eg. TV, radio, print or digital media, it is enduring and very cost effective, especially when you consider the number of shoppers that are directly influenced to purchase by POP material during a promotion.

3.      Trade & Retail Sell through to consumers
POP programs focus on the consumer but also provide a service to the trade in that they expediate product sell through - increasing sales volume and profitability. POP promotions are generally well received by independent retailers as they add ‘theatre’ to stores at no additional production expense to them. 

The secret to successful POP marketing

Successful POP marketing relies on the co-ordination, interest, enthusiasm and participation
of marketers, retailers, consumers and sales teams. SAM Sales and Marketing work with 
marketers and retailers to integrate advertising campaigns with POP to close the sales loop in store. 
We understand the triggers that retailers, distributors, sales teams and consumers respond to. In
addition, we can also under take test marketing to safeguard valuable marketing budgets prior to
campaign launch.

SAM’s POP marketing services include… 

  • Promotional campaign strategy
  • Trade sell in and incentives
  • Consumer promotion management
  • Creative design of Point of Purchase media 
  • POP production and distribution
  • Interactive promotion to engage with shoppers at and beyond the point of sale
  • Promotion tracking and reporting
  • Cyclical campaign management

SAM’scommitment to helping our customers grow market share can work to your benefit. So, if you need assistance with POP marketing, we invite you to make contact.

Phone or email SAM - Peter McKinnon- (03) 9 646 5644 / E:


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