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The What, Why and When of Sales Promotion

Why run Sales Promotions?

  • To create excitement and interest in an offer.
  • To provide a campaign theme and launch platform.
  • To enhance media content, advertising and marketing communication.
  • To motivate the purchase and usage of products and services.
  • To build trade liaison and rapport (by supporting retailers/resellers).
  • To maintain brand awareness and product focus via cyclical campaigns.

What Sales Promotions work best?

  • The simplest ideas are usually the best and most successful. Follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). Uncomplicated promotions that are easy to enter work best.
  • Promotions that Sell like Hell. All trade communication and consumer advertising and Point of sale material should do work hard to sell a theme - quickly and simply. Bold graphics and punchy messages work best online, on-air, in-store and outdoor.
  • Well planned promotions. The A to Z’s should have been covered before the trade or consumer get involved. Sales force input is important from the outset. Once the promotion commences, feedback from the field is essential - what are the trade and consumers saying about the promo? How can ongoing advertising and communication be adapted or intensified?
  • In-store - products sell well from off-location displays, so promotions should strive for this and encourage taking high traffic and associated product areas wherever possible.
  • Special event association also works well for some products.
  • Local event opportunities are also important and worthy of consideration.
  • On-pack offers can work well for certain products. What they are really doing is adding value to one product versus another.      

Other proven sales promotional ideas include:

  • Sweepstakes – with daily, weekly monthly and mega prize draws.
  • Scratch and Win / digital games for high engagement.
  • Refunds (Cash-Backs), discounts, bonus offers, gifts with purchase.
  • Free sampling/trial sampling.
  • Trade incentives and competitions.

When to promote

In general, we should never stop promoting. Marketers should promote regularly and at times of greatest opportunity.

Some specifics:     

  • New product/pack launches.
  • Seasonal influences.
  • Big occasion/special events tie-ins.
  • Reinforcement of main media exposure.
  • Brand share strength or weakness.
  • Local promotion opportunities.

​The secret to successful sales promotion?

The secret of successful sales promotion is dependant on the coordination, interest, enthusiasm and participation of: marketers, retailers, consumers and the sales team.

Consider SAM Sales and Marketing as a strategic partner for sales promotion…

SAM has a proven track record in developing effective strategies for Trade Consumer Promotions. SAM understand the triggers that retailers, distributors, sales teams and consumers respond to.   

SAM’S comprehensive Sales Promotion services include:

  • Promotion Strategy.
  • Trade Incentives.
  • Consumer Promotion management.
  • Creative Theming for use in all forms of advertising content.
  • Permit applications for Australian competitions and N.Z compliance.
  • Competition entry data capture via microsites and SMS.
  • Interactive games / applications.
  • Prize draws - manual and electronic. Prize sourcing and fulfilment.
  • Interactive Promotion: SMS, Web, QR Codes etc.
  • Point of Sale design, print and distribution.
  • Promotion tracking and reporting.

If you’re planning a promotion feel free to contact Peter McKinnon for a complimentary  consultation:

(03)9 646 5644     

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