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Foodworks Bottomless Pantry promotion – a case study in campaign management

TheFoodWorks retail group comprises of over 710 independent supermarkets. Each year the group runs a series blockbuster sales promotions to enhance their catalogue, regional TV commercials, radio and print ads and point of purchase advertising.

The brief...

Design a theme for sales promotion with broad consumer appeal. Encourage customers to make a spend of $20 or upwards and make repeat store visits during the promotion.


SAM helped FoodWorks to devise manage the 'Bottomless Pantry promotion' which has run several times due to the popularity of the promotion with retailers and customers.

For every $20 spent in a single transaction, FoodWorks customers received an entry form from check out staff.  Customers entered via a dedicated web entry portal, SMS or mail for a chance to win the major prize of $13,000 in Foodworks vouchers, or secondary prizes that included a $500 Foodworks and fuel vouchers in each state. The promotion was advertised via catalogue, radio, TV and point of purchase display.


Each time the FoodWorks 'Bottomless Pantry promotion' has run, over 37,000 customers have entered during the month of the promotion and retailers have reported distinct sales spikes.


In tight economic times where inflation is a burden to the average householder, the allure of cash, or prizes that are as good as cash, such as shopping vouchers is very strong. For national promotions that target a broad-ranging demographic mix, cash, or an equivalent, has proven time and time again to be the most desirable prize.

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